Dickson Dee

In 1989, when as a graphic design student at the school co-founded Hong Kong first independent music label, in 1992 Sound Factory, started creating sound works and released the same year in Hong Kong independent music compilation „Ma-Li-Ma-Li-Hung”, after to participate as a producer of more than 100 albums production, in the name of sound artist joined different kinds music festival and venue from all over the world, also making film, modern dance, experimental video soundtrack works, when 1996 released  debut album „Past” in Tzadik, after that with a large number of different capacities performing around the world to participate in the arts, culture, music activities, as artists, curator and producer to join cultural exchange through different art projects and  different kinds of musical projects in Asia and Europe from publishing, to performances, exhibitions, and other forms of exchange has been active ever since.

Dickson Dee(李劲松), 1989年以一位在学平面设计学生身份联合创立香港首家独立音乐厂牌,1992年开始创作声音作品并在香港独立音乐合集”Ma-Li-Ma-Li-Hung”同年在香港出版,后以制作人身份参与100多张专辑制作和出版,以声音艺术家名义在台前演出,给电影、现代舞、实验影像配乐,1996年出版首张个人专辑”Past”,后以更多不同身份大量参与世界各地艺术、文化、音乐活动策展,监制,制作,文化化交流,通过不同艺术项目和多个音乐组合在亚洲和欧洲以出版,表演,展览,交流等形式一直活跃至今。