Michal Jacaszek talks about his music in a very self-assured way. He lists clear moods, behaviors, and feelings (nostalgia, misery, classical music, and contemporary ambient electronic artists such as Tim Hecker) that influence the way he works. This is noteworthy for two reasons—first, because the Polish artist is explaining all of this very clearly in English, and second because the subsuming, amorphous pastiches of noise, samples, and tones he is known for aren’t easily put into words, let alone a second language.

Jacaszek’s work, first appearing on the SMM: CONTEXT compilation, is a melange of classical instrumentation — harpsichords, woodwinds, strings—and blurring, rubbed-down electronic textures, all of which makes listening an intensely cathartic, exploratory experience. This is, more than anything else, music as a mind and body exploration.

“All my artistic activity is based on the intuition that there is a hidden reality existing behind or beside the material world,” he says. “And on a big desire to touch it, show it, [and] feel it.” Whatever your opinions are of the supernatural, the utter heaviness of his stuff is palpable.

And if it’s all a tad too pretentious for you, then just don’t think about it that way. High-minded music doesn’t have to be consumed high-mindedly. You can just as easily listen to Jacaszek’s overtures and feel that they’re simply gorgeous, because they are. But with a new home on Ghostly and a masterful new long-player titled GLIMMERcompleted, you should just go ahead and dip into the strangely beautiful world of Michal Jacaszek.

Michal Jacaszek谈论起自己的音乐作品时十分自信。他将影响个人创作情绪、行为和感受(对往事的怀恋、苦痛、古典音乐和像Tim Hecker一样的当代氛围电子音乐艺术家等)清晰地罗列出来。值得注意的两点是:首先,波兰艺术家本身英语发音吐字非常清楚;其次,他最为出名的对噪音、采样音以及基本音的归并、无序拼凑是很难用语言来表达的,更不用说第二语言了。

Jacaszek的作品最初出现在SMM: CONTEXT 编辑板块:一个把古典器乐(大键琴乐、木管器乐、弦乐器音乐等)和难以捉摸并且零散的电子结构进行融合的平台,给人以极为酣畅随意而探索性十足的听觉体验。更重要的是,这是一种音乐在思想和感官双层面上的探索。

“我所有的艺术行为都是基于这样一种直觉:有一个隐藏世界与物质世界相平行或者在其之外存在着,” Jacaszek说到。“并且基于一种想要触碰、展现、感受这个世界的强烈欲望。”无论你怎样看待这种超自然的现象,显而易见的是他的作品带有极度的厚重感。

如果你认为他的音乐太像小男孩的自命不凡、矫揉造作,那最好还是换个想法。曲高未必一定会和寡。你可以很容易地去理解Jacaszek音乐的前奏部分,你会觉得它们如此纯粹悦人,因为本该如此。随着进驻Ghostly网站以及其名为“GLIMMER”的新密纹唱片的完成,你可以尽情沉溺在Michal Jacaszek异常迷人的艺术世界中。