Zen Lu,
experimental/electronic musician,sound artist,founder of We Play! Records and Neo Sound new art group and events curator. He’s one of the founders of ChoP, a musical project between China and Poland. Zen Lu is also a member of N2 New Media Art Lab, working and residing in Shenzhen, PRC. Early 2007, Zen Lu founded Shenzhen independent label ‘We Play! Records’ and organizing events with artists from all over the world as well as. Apart from these,he composing music for dramas and movies. Zen Lu’s minute, meticulous and minimalist digital music style as well as events organized by him and his label has played a major role in bringing a new wave of art activities to Shenzhen, for which the latter has been long considered a cultural desert.
Zen Lu has been participating in the following events:
New Vision Arts Festival(Hong Kong, China, 2006), SAND Festival(Hong Kong, China, 2006), Asia Europe Music Camp and Clandestino Festival(Gothenburg, Sweden, 2007), Moving Closer International New Media Festival(Warsaw, Poland, 2007), Chinese Sound Art in Poland project(5 cities in Poland, 2007), Get It Louder Exhibition(Guangzhou, China, 2007) , Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture(Shenzhen, China, 2005 and 2007), SoundReach(Toronto, Canada, 2009), Architecture Is Art Festival(Hong Kong, China, 2009), Warsaw Electronic Festival(Warsaw, Poland, 2010), ChoP on tour in Poland(4 cities in Poland 2010), Expo Shanghai(Germany Pavilion, 2010), 8th Shanghai Biennale(Shanghai, China, 2010), ChoP Tour in Europe(Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, 2011), ChoP Tour in China(2011), Beijing Design Week(2012), German-Chinese Jazz Improvise Meeting Festival(2012, 2013), ChoP Festival(2012, 2013), ChoP +MOSS project Europe tour(2013), re:source festival(2014), Polyphonia Festival(2014), BOK Festival(2015), ID Town Sound Live Art Festival(2016), Polyphonia Festival(2016), XY Europe Tour(2016) and more.

陆正(Zen Lu),电子音乐家、声音艺术家、We Play! Records及Neo Sound(离骚)新艺术团体和艺术活动创办人,中国和波兰跨国音乐交流项目”ChoP”发起人,N2新媒体艺术小组成员,生活、工作于深圳。 2007年初主持创立深圳独立音乐厂牌We Play! Records,组织策划演出,与来自世界各地的艺术家演出和交流。陆正也为戏剧及电影创作配乐,他的数字声音和音乐倾向于绵密、细致和简约的风格。曾参加香港SAND Festival(2006)、香港新视野艺术节(2006)、瑞典Clandestino Festival(2007)、波兰Moving Closer International New Media Festival(2007)以及Chinese Sound Art in Poland(2007)、大声展(2007) 、深圳-香港城市/建筑双城双年展(2005、2007)、多伦多SoundReach(2009)、香港建筑是艺术节(2009)、华沙电子音乐节(2010)、ChoP on tour in Poland(2010)、上海世博会德国馆”都市未来之声”(2010)、第八届上海双年展(2010)、ChoP欧洲巡演(2011)、ChoP中国巡演(2011)、北京国际设计周(2012)、德-中爵士即兴音乐节(2012, 2013)、ChoP音乐节(2012, 2013)、CO-SOUND 艺术节 (2013)、ChoP+Moss 欧洲联合巡演(2013)、声闻系列(2014)、re:source音乐节(2014)、Polyphonia音乐节(2014)、澳门BOK戏剧艺术节(2015)、艺象声音现场艺术节(2016)、Polyphonia音乐节(2016)、玄音欧洲巡演(2016)。