Blazej Malinowski

Producer, dj, radio journalist based in Berlin, collector of vinyl records and items with potential to generate music. In his work obsessed by the musical genres related to techno and deep minimal forms. Co-founder of Fűnfte Strasse project, which includes a radio broadcast and recurring music events to promote techno and aelectronic music. Founder and curator of Why So Silent events which include Live electronic music and avant-garde Silent Movies. Connected to Technosoul. Silent Season, Phorma, Kontrafaktum and The Gods Planet. He played on many important Clubs and Festivals like Tresor in Berlin, Sfinks 700 (PL), 1500m2 (PL), Prozak 2.0 (PL) Up to Date Festival (PL), Audioriver Festival (PL), Open Source Art Festival (PL), Volt Festial (SE), Constuction Festival (UA) and many more.
His music was released on canadian Silent Season, swedish Phorma, polish Technosoul and the next records will appear on Kontrafaktum and The Gods Planet.

Blazej Malinowski,制作人、DJ、柏林广播记者,黑胶唱片和音乐创作相关材料收藏爱好者。他的作品深受高techno以及 deep minimal流派风格的影响。是Fűnfte Strasse项目的联合创始人,该项目主要包括电台广播和再现音乐盛事来推广techno音乐和 electronic音乐。他同时也是Why So Silent系列艺术活动的发起人和策划人,内容包括电子音乐现场和先锋无声电影。Technosoul, Silent Season, Phorma, Kontrafaktum以及The Gods Planet等唱片公司与其联系密切。他曾在很多重要的俱乐部和艺术节进行演出,例如柏林的Tresor、Sfinks 700 (PL)、1500m2 (PL)、Prozak 2.0 (PL)、Up to Date Festival (PL)、Audioriver Festival (PL)、Open Source Art Festival (PL)、Volt Festial (SE)以及Constuction Festival (UA)等。

他的音乐作品曾在加拿大的Silent Season、瑞典的Phroma和波兰的Technosoul等唱片公司发行,其后的唱片将会由Kontrafaktum 和The Gods Planet发行。