Grzegorz Bojanek as an artist consequently introduces field recordings and electroacoustic sounds into his compositions which are the combination of the melodic ambient, guitar sounds and sometimes noise. He cooperated with many artists from USA, Canada and China. Grzegorz is the co-founder of the ChoP project ( where he concentrates on transnational collaboration between Chinese and Polish artists. Together with Zen Lu, Grzegorz collaborated with British film director Isaac Julien on his project “Better Life” (“Ten Thousand Waves”). Among others the film was shown during the 67th Venice Film Festival 2010 and 8th Shanghai Biennale, where Grzegorz and Zen played live soundtrack during the grand opening. In the last 7 years Grzegorz visited China several times where he took part in many ChoP Project events, gave lectures about Polish electronic and experimental music and provided background music to the silent movies. Some of these events were supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland. Also in 2012 Grzegorz recorded an album with a Polish musician Piotr Michałowski entitled “As Far As It Seems” which was published by a well-known New York label OHM Resistance. Grzegorz also works with artists hidden behind the Cloud Ensemble project, managed by Michel Banabila. Apart from that Grzegorz cooperates with many labels like Preserved Sound (PL), Etalabel (PL), Twice Removed (Australia), Dynamophone (USA). His latest album entitled “Warm Winter Music”, was released in 2014 by a boutique US cassette label Twin Springs Tapes. Grzegorz performed during many festivals, such as Unsound Festival (PL), Shanghai Electronic Music Week (CN), Ambient Festiwal in Gorlice (PL), Ambient Park in Białystok (PL), and Firmament Festival in Kielce (PL).

Grzegorz Bojanek是一位经常在创作中引入实地录音和电声,将韵律十足的氛围音乐、吉他声乐、有时还包括噪声融合起来的艺术家。 他曾与众多来自美国、加拿大和中国的艺术家合作过。Grzegorz是ChoP项目(的联合创始人,该项目致力于中国和波兰的艺术家的合作交流。 Grzegorz和Zen Lu一起与英国电影导演合作完成了项目“Better Life” (“Ten Thousand Waves”)。除此之外,该电影曾在第67届威尼斯电影节和第八届上海双年展中放映并且在其开幕式上Grzegorz 和Zen进行了现场配乐。在过去的7年中 Grzegorz曾数次来华参与ChoP项目,带来波兰电子音乐和实验音乐方面的讲座以及为无声电影提供背景配乐。ChoP的部分项目由波兰文化与民族遗产部所资助。在2012年Grzegorz与波兰音乐家Piotr Michałowski共同录制了名为“As Far As It Seems”的唱片,该唱片由纽约知名唱片公司OHM Resistance发行。Grzegorz也与众多艺术家在幕后合作完成了由Michel Banabi主管的Cloud Ensemble项目。此外,Grzegorz与许多唱片公司有过合作,例如Preserved Sound (PL)、Etalabel (PL)、Twice Removed (Australia)、Dynamophone (USA)等。他最近的一张专辑名为Warm Winter Music,以磁带的形式于2014年由美国唱片公司Twin Springs Tapes发行。Grzegorz曾参演很多音乐节,例如Unsound Festival (PL)、Shanghai Electronic Music Week (CN)、Ambient Festiwal in Gorlice (PL)、Ambient Park in Białystok (PL)以及 Firmament Festival in Kielce (PL)等。