Zhang Jianfu, aka jfi, sound observer / hardware circuit programmer / electronic musicians, aged 34, Since 2007, Zhang Jianfu have had multiple materials of experimental sound works published, which deeply revealing a low-key, introverted, romantic and moist spiritual essence, even a smell of simple and warmth pervaded in his Circuit Bending creations.Through his research, comparison and mapping on sound frequency, he attempt to create and launch a new shape and the special structure of the minimalism sound landscape.

张建夫从2007年开始创作至今有多张不同介质的声音实验作品出版。作品深深的透露出其低调内敛、浪漫温湿的精神内质,即便在通过Circuit Bending的方式完成的创作中,也不乏简约温暖。他通过对声响频率的研究·比对·测绘等实验试图制造和开展新形态和特殊结构的极简主义声音景观。