Marek Kaminski has been making music for almost 10 years, during which time he has released a handful of records published under several names, including his main project – Lights Dim.

Although he now lives in Warsaw, Kaminski has been an active participant of the Krakow’s music scene producing, recording and gigging with various local artists. He also cofounded the Krakow-based label Preserved Sound, which focusses on neo-classical and electroacoustic sounds, releasing artists from around the globe.

In his recordings Kaminski combines the sound of acoustic instruments, field recordings, found footage and subtle sound-design. The resulting music stylistically draws from ambient, neoclassical, and IDM. Throughout his musical career, Kaminski has collaborated with many artists, both Polish and foreign. So far, he managed to join forces with Six Gallery (JP), Endless Melancholy (UA), Heinali (UA) and Grzegorz Bojanek (PL). Lights Dim records have been released by such labels as Nature Bliss (JP) and Audio Gourmet (UK), as well as by his friends from Preserved Sound. In addition, the artist together with Piotr Dabrowski (aka. ptr1) creates an electronic duo Echolette – the project’s debut EP was released in 2015.

Apart from creating music, Marek Kaminski works as an audio-video producer, cameraman, editor and production coordinator for an international online TV platform. So far, he had the opportunity to work with many prominent representatives of the Polish music scene, including Happysad, Indios Bravos, DagaDana, and Chłopcy Kontra Basia, aiding them in various promotional activities.

Marek Kaminski 从事音乐创作已接近10年时间,在此期间他以多个名义发行了一系列唱片,其中包括他的主要项目——Lights Dim。

尽管现居华沙,Marek依旧是克拉科夫音乐界创作的活跃分子与当地各界艺术家一起制作、录音和演出。 他共同建立了以克拉科夫为根据地、专注于新古典声乐和电声音乐的厂牌Preserved Sound,为全球艺术家提供交流平台。

在他的唱片中,Marek将原声乐器、实地录音以及现有录影片段的声响与巧妙的声音设计相结合。风格上,他创作的音乐结合了氛围音乐,新古典音乐和IDM的特点。在他的音乐生涯中,Marek与众多波兰及国外的艺术家进行过合作。 迄今,他曾与Six Gallery (JP)、Endless Melancholy (UA)、Heinali (UA)以及Grzegorz Bojanek (PL)联合创作。Lights Dim的唱片曾在众多厂牌例如Nature Bliss (JP) 和Audio Gourmet (UK)的名义下发行,有时也通过来自Preserved Sound的朋友发行。 此外, Marek联同Piotr Dabrowski (aka. ptr1)成立了双人电子组合Echolette,其首张迷你专辑在2015年发行。

除去音乐创作,Marek在一家国际线上电视台担任视音频制作人、摄影师、编辑兼协调制片。至今为止,他曾与很多出色的波兰音乐界代表人物合作并在他们的各种宣传活动中提供帮助,合作对象包括Happysad、Indios Bravos、DagaDana和Chłopcy Kontra Basia。