Piotr Michałowski, professionally known as Nmls, is electronic music composer and producer born in 1988, living in Warsaw. While producing music, he is focused on its technical aspects. Sometimes these are inspiration for him. Fascinated by the sound-processing technologies, he very often creates completely new sounds by using a long chain of effects applied to the input sound. Nmls’s music is usually simple, harmonic and delicate. Although it derives from ambient it would go further, reaching different genres like Downtempo, Bass Music or IDM. Thanks to his simple and repetitive track’s arrangement the listener can focus more on the sound itself and “dive deeper” into the music. Nmls has been making music for over 10 years and playing live since 2008. He has already played about 100 live-acts in Poland, China, Czech Republic and Germany. His solo albums and cooperation projects (Bojanek & Michalowski, Ambot) were released by among others Ohm Resistance, Component Recordings, Essentia Mundi, Etalabel and Wefrec. Recently, he started his own label – N_Coded Records. Besides making music, he is interested in photography, programming and film-making.

Piotr Michałowski,以Nmls名字而为人熟知。电子音乐作曲家、制作人。1988年生于华沙。在制作音乐时他很注重其技术层面,有时这些会给他灵感。由于对声音处理技术的着迷,他经常使用一连串效果应用到声音输入来创作全新的声音。Nmls的音乐通常很简单悦耳和细腻。虽然这源于自然但它却更加前卫、涉及到更多的音乐种类,例如Downtempo,Bass Music或者IDM。有赖于其音乐简单而多重复的音轨安排,听众可以更好的专注于声音本身并在音乐之中更加“深入”。Nmls从事音乐创作十年有余并从2008年起开始现场演奏。他已在波兰、中国、捷克共和国和德国进行了100场左右的现场表演。他的个人专辑以及与其他音乐家合作的双重奏(Bojanek & Michalowski, Ambot)项目在Ohm Resistance,Component Recordings,Essentia Mundi,Etalabel,Wefrec等网站发布。近期,他成立了个人厂牌N_Coded Records。除了音乐制作之外,Nmls对摄影,编程和电影制作也颇具兴趣。