Foreword of Europe Square


Foreword of Europe Square The East treks the long river of history with a continuous flow ever ceasing. The vast land entitled Gan-Po, nurtured at the intersection and confluence of Poyang Lake and Gan River, originating from Dong Yuan to Badashanren (pseudonym of Zhu Da), has unravels an unparalleled scroll painting abound with virtuosos of… Read more »

Shanghai live


This was an awesome experience. I had a lecture about “Polish Experimental and Electronic Music” and “Non-governmental Organisations” in Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai. The venue wasn’t full, but there were people of all ages, from teenagers, to old people. All the people were listening and of course asking questions – what I think was very… Read more »



The journey has begun. I was almost late at the Chopin airport. I came to the check-in desk 2 minutes before they closed it. But luckily everything was OK. Than I had a detailed security control because I had to explain what the stuff in my bag is (you know, e-bow, controllers, interface, etc.) Finally… Read more »



The concert at Idutang in OCT Loft, just by our hostel, was our last performance at the Festival. Everybody took part in it. There were also a few Chinese musicians performing with us. The line-up was divided into duets: – Michał Wolski with Guiddo, – Błażej Malinowski with Shen Piji, – Grzegorz Bojanek with Zen… Read more »

02_chinese KDT


While traveling to China, it would be weird not to try to take the advantage of the prices here and purchase some things, that are more expensive in Europe. Of course, most of them are cheaper because they are not of the original products, but their copies, which is obvious. Anyway, original or not, it… Read more »



The event took place at the same day as the workshop at Shen Wai International School, later in the evening. We had a moment to refresh ourselves and prepare for the lecture at the OCT Youth Hostel, were we stayed during the whole trip. Our hostel was a 4 storeys building with a view on… Read more »